Persistence, tradition, talent and ongoing innovation are ingredients for success

Un articolo di Virginia Bodmer
Today’s TextileFuture Newsletter will give you an excellent example of how a company following persistence, tradition, talent, paired with innovation can be successful. We have chosen not to show you an example from textiles, but rather from an Italian special artisanal furniture manufacturer. You may ask why? The answer is simple, we have made a very personal experience and were impressed by the performance of Italian BIANCHI MOBILI Novedrate (near Como), where three brothers run the successful business of artisanal prestigious furniture production.


Of course, one might like the style or not, but it is fascinating to see how BIANCHI MOBILE is capable to transform ancient Brianza furniture style into a functional contemporary design feeding to modern furniture lovers of a particular kind. The company is renowned globally as one of the leading brands for furniture in the tradition of Brianza. It has a history of more than one century as a place where furniture is born by added value, and each element distinguishes itself with a distinct elegance, refinement and exclusivity, and in a timeless style.

Each level of realisation of the final product is subjected to meticulous inspection along the added value chain.

Precious woods, like walnut and cherry, with a unique varnish and pre-and after treatment, woodcut sand inlaid work and the quality of the finish is presenting a classical, innovative style, allowing the maximum personalisation, base upon the authentic historic search for different styling.

The company is proposing classical furniture, realised with the Italian taste, famously dispersed as a sign of culture of the company and the quality of “Made in Italy” all over the world.

When thinking of furnishing, the company can only refer to creations in which it finds the harmony of classical furniture, it design, and reinterpreted and created for a contemporary lifestyle.

BianchiMobili is proposing a new way of life of furniture of style which is profoundly intrigued by the personality of the seeker. The projects the company is realising are based upon real life facts, resulting from an open and continuous dialogue, with suggestions and indications of all types of culture, and on a broad scope to enable the firm to deliver.

In a constant and concentrated effort of creation, dedicated to seek new solutions and innovations, and by always respecting and corresponding with the genuine tradition of furniture from Brianza, this stands for BianchiMobili.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation, leading to the fact that its new way of life of furniture style has found lovers such as in the Vatican and with a foreign ambassador, to name only a few. These appreciate a very personalised and individual and functional furniture that has been developed between the artisans of BianchiMobili and the customer and so many dreams can become real and of absolutely outstanding quality and still at an affordable price.

The company is the living proof on how modern lifestyle can be base upon traditional craftsmanship, all handmade and even the smallest detail is addressed with utmost artisanal and quality work. The company’s own development is a never ending search to please the customers but on the renowned principles of Brianza furniture who has reached cultural status. The booths at the Milan furniture show are always very crowded to see the newest interpretations and innovations in Brianza style of furniture, and particularly from BianchiMobili.

To really see and feel the style, it is worthwhile to visit the company, small, highly qualified and dedicated, and don’t expect that you can have your exclusive, tailor made furniture immediately, because every piece of furniture needs to be developed in close cooperation with the customer, and also its fine art of production with attention to every detail will take its time. Once you do get the piece your personal furniture will make your dream become true. TextileFuture would like to add there is nothing left that you might desire and it will make your home just perfect and the piece of furniture will be an eyecatcher!